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Our full-day camps are designed to keep children engaged, build confidence, encourage creativity and make new friends. Building, discovering, learning and playing with gooey potions, green glowing liquid, messages written in secret code, robots, rockets, catapults and mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds. There's something for everyone!

A kid in a mad science lab coat making a large bubble on grass A kid in a mad science lab coat making a large bubble on grass

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Kids in a mad science lab coat and safety goggles playing with catapult Kids in a mad science lab coat and safety goggles playing with catapult

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What does my child need to bring to camp?

Please send your Jr. Genius with a nut free packed lunch, refillable water bottle and comfy clothes that are ok to get a bit messy. We provide digestive type biscuits at morning snack, but you are welcome to send a nut free snack as well.


Who are the Mad Science camp instructors?

Mad Science instructors are university students studying education or science, teachers, scientists, actors, performers and more. They are all fully vetted, trained and DBS checked. They all have one thing in common: they are all experienced and brilliant at inspiring large groups of primary-aged children.


What is the child to instructor ratio?

The child to instructor ratio varies depending on topic and ages of children registered. We always have at least two instructors and there is always a maximum 13:1 ratio.


My child has additional needs, health concerns or severe allergies. Can they still attend?

Our camp leaders are trained to deal with different behavioural needs and there is always a first aider (with Epipen training) on site who will chat over any health specifics at drop off. We are unable to provide 1 to 1 assistance, so if your child requires 1 to 1 assistance, please get in touch before registering to discuss.


Will my child be grouped with siblings/friends?

We always make sure the children have the choice of who to be with. If you are worried your child might not be able to communicate this, please let the camp leader know at drop off and we will make sure everyone is where they need to be.


What is the camp day like?

The day starts with the welcome circle which includes some ice breakers to get the kids warmed up. Then follows four 45 minute experiment blocks where the children build, explore, experiment. These are broken up by a 15-20 min morning snack/play break, 1 hour lunch break/play and a 15-20 min afternoon run around.


The Camp Experience

Our camps are a fun way to keep kids busy during the holiday!

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Happy Customers

Here's what parents have to say about our camps!

My son attended the Earth, Space & Beyond Mad Science Camp last summer and absolutely loved it! The hours were convenient for our family, and the location was close by for us. We're sending him again to a Mad Science camp this upcoming summer. These are well run camps, in our experience, and I recommend them for people looking for a fun, science-based camp experience.


Silver Spring, MD

Both of our boys did Mad Science summer camps when they were younger, and loved the experience! It was a very fun and interactive experience for them. And counselor Beth Morrell is the best!!!


Raleigh, NC

My son participated in a true "camp" with horses, swimming, fishing and hiking and he was MORE excited about this camp than anything else he's done all summer. Great job on your end!


Austin, TX

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